EVDG VOL.3 - Page 15

For in many ways we are just like him. You may not be the big person living in the little house. But you are the Big person living a Little life. The life that you are living is too small when you are called to live a life that is meant to be abundant and overflowing. You have become comfortable living off the scraps of life when you have the potential to live off the best. You let life happen to you rather than take life and live it to the max. Instead of walking by vision you choose to walk by sight. You have become the Big Man Living the Little Life. The reason why we settle for living the Little Life is because we have become comfortable. We have created a comfort zone. What was meant to shelter us for a season we have turned into a permanent dwelling. When we get into a comfort zone we feel like it is safer here than if we move forward. Moving forward requires us to change. It requires more sacrifice. More responsibility, more time. When you give in to the comfort zone you are basically saying I am settling for where I am because at least I know what to expect. Which leads us to the main reason why we settle for the comfort zone. FEAR. The reason why we settle is we are afraid. FEAR unchecked is a powerful enemy to purpose. FEAR is a strong emotion that has the ability to paralyze us and keep us from moving forward. Fear is not bad when is used the way it is intended. Fear is supposed to be our early warning system. It lets you know when you should approach with caution. Fear is defective when it paralyzes you, restricts you, confines you. Fear becomes defective when you become a prisoner to it. This is what happens when we choose to settle for our comfort zone we are prisoners to our fear. There are three fears that can hinder us from getting out of our comfort zone. The Fear of Rejection. The Fear of Failure. The Fear of Success. These fears have taken generations of potential to the grave. Damned many to settle for a lifetime of mediocrity. I have struggled with these three areas throughout my life. Instead of looking at them as the obstacles they were I gave them strength by believing that they were right. Could it be that you have ground-breaking business idea? Or an opportunity to take a better position at your job? Or even want to help lead your family out of the recession of life into a vision that puts you all back on top. However, you choke and never leave the comfort zone because you fear the rejection, possible failure, or success. Let’s take a closer look at these fear--but before we do that, I want to give you the key that I have learned about overcoming fear of any kind. The More I Know the Less I Fear. I am not saying that I am Fearless. I am saying that I Fear Less. There is a difference.