EVDG VOL.3 - Page 14

Too Big For This Life!!!! Christopher Hampton/CHAMPIAM.ORG WARNING THIS ARTICLE WILL CHALLENGE YOU TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF YOUR LIFE. TO SEE LIFE THROUGH A DIFFERENT VIEW. DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO STAY THE SAME. Imagine with me a Small Cape Cod Cottage in the countryside taken straight out of one of those Better Homes and Gardens photos. When you walk into the cottage you notice how small everything seemed. In the living room there was a huge couch. It seemed so out of place. You can hardly imagine how anyone lived there could have gotten the couch into house. You look into the kitchen you see a big man sitting at his very small dining table. Drinking from a tiny cup of coffee. If this man were to stand up his head would go through the ceiling. From the image I just described you are probably wondering how could someone live like this. This house is too small for such a big and tall man. How can he possibly be comfortable? At first sight of the man in the kitchen it’s almost laughable. However, I warn you not to be quick to judge nor laugh at the big man in the little house.