EuropeanLife Magazine March 2017 - Page 6

DESIGN FRANCE MAISON BAUDE MAISON BAUDE BAUDE LUXURY BRAND PARIS BAUDE PARIS IS AN ELITIST LUXURY BRAND. THE COLLECTIONS ARE A MIX OF ART, FEMININITY, AUTHENTICITY AND FRENCH EXPERTISE. T he Collection has expanded with its variety of bags, haute couture jackets, in different styles and designs as well as in exotic leathers and leatherwork. These have been meticulously selected in the breeding of a French famous Maison. Elodie Baude the founder, creator, growing up in one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, she has always lived the dream of creating her own empire one day. She grows up in a family filled with creativ RBFVFVBVR7V62W&gVW"fW2g&V6'F7BB6v&BfW267VF"7W&VǒvfPW"6vBFFR7&VFfRBv&RG&GFW"v6&W2FRW76VF7GRFBV&FW2&627&VF2&RBFRV'BbW"VfW'6R@&W6V&RFRVVv6Rbg&V6WW'आW"W6WFFVB2'W6W77vBFW6vW"W2W"FR7&VЧFfR7G&rVVvBB7&Fv6R2FFFR( f&VFR&>( 2FRRbFR&fFR6V7FbFRƖfR`FR'&B6f"W"fFFF66W72FRf&VFRBFR&ЧfFR6V7FƖ֗FVBVFFbW"FW6vW"&W6W'fVBf"FRFW'2bFP( W6W6fR&VF^( 6&B( TDR$TDR@wwr&VFR&