EuropeanLife Magazine March 2017 - Page 55

JOYA DE ESPAÑA was founded by Antonio Bernabé, who is passionate about Spain and exceptionally knowledgeable on just how much can be offered to his clients. During his career he has held positions such as Managing Director of the Spanish Tourism Institute and of the Valencian Tourism Institute. He has a broad experience in the management of destinations and tourism training. In this venture he offers you a new way of discovering Spain, while enjoying its lifestyle and customs to a maximum. BEAUTY: Felicidad Carrera recommends you the best surgeon Felicidad Carrera offers you personal advice and guidance for clients who want to undergo plastic surgery, allowing an infinite number of consultations. The consultation includes diagnosis and assessment of your needs in the Centros Felicidad Carrera including an appointment with the recommended specialist for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, face-lifting, blepharoplasty, hair transplant, dental implant, maxillofacial surgery, mole elimination surgery and scar removal, etc. A key point of consideration is that the Centros Felicidad Carrera offer a post-operative follow-up with any specifically indicated treatments. The aim of this is for a speedy recuperation. This includes lymphatic drainage or technological treatments, which are case dependant and include the possibility of home visits. Discover the most exclusive boutiques in Madrid with fashion expert and former Miss Spain (1997) Inéz Sainz A unique and magical experience to enjoy the most exclusive brands of Madrid and the secret, hard to find, places. Upon request, you can be accompanied and advised by designers of the most spectacular fashion collections and jewels. Explore the most exclusive shops of Madrid’s Golden Mile, stopping to recharge your batteries in the best food venues, selected specifically for you by food and fashion expert, and former Mi