EuropeanLife Magazine March 2017 - Page 35

About CUSTO BARCELONA Custo was born in the Catalan capital Barcelona in the eighties, when the brothers Custo and David Dalmau opened their first clothing store. It started with men - mostly T-shirts - and later on they also introduced fashion for women. The main source of inspiration for the Catalan duo? The colourful clothes worn by surfers in California. The brand Custo Barcelona was set up in 1996 and conquered the catwalk of New York in 1997. The brand went big with alternative, funky prints and the combination of different fabrics and bright colours, with the emphasis on creativity and individuality. Thus corduroy combined with lace, crochet sleeves and asymmetrical design have always been very com- mon for Custo brothers. A formula that has been working well for years in Spain and even became so popular that the fashion world invented a new term for it: Customania. Custo and David Dalmau didn’t stick to wild designs and patterns for T-shirts: their trademark was expanded to dresses, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, coats, skirts and the Custo PURE Collection of denim, scarves, shoes and even bikinis. Custo Barcelon 6&fVBF&RV"v&GvFS6VV'&FW2ƖR6VF66ffW"FR&67G&VWB&2VVR7'WBVƖ&&W'G2vW&R7GFVBFRF7F2ЧFfRW'6W2WfV&&&RV&VB7W7FW"f'FWF&'FF6FVWf66W&W2ƖRg&VG2F&@w&Vr7VFFVǒ7W6BFVWf66V2ƖREb6vVB7W7F&RF6R3