European Greenhouse catalouge(EN) - Page 35

WATER RESERVOIRS EG water reservoirs can serve for r storage of drinking and technical water. They are easy to install, don’t t need foundation (is installed on concrete ring) and can be filled up to 2000 m 3 . Reservoirs are made of f galvanized steel sheets which are fixed by bolts and nuts, that allow easy to disassemble and change their location. Height varies from 80 cm up to 5 m, diameter from 3 m up to 30 m. Reservoirs has two layers inside, protection white layer r and geomembrane. Geomembrane is black and suitable for storage of drinking water, white layer protects geomembrane from contact with steel, bolts and nuts. For protection water from evaporation and putrefaction can be installed floating roof in reservoir. Also can be installed two type of cone- shaped roofs, it is polymer and galvanized.