European Greenhouse catalouge(EN) - Page 34

DESALTER Researches show, that excess salts is the reason of decreasing yields. However if excessive salts of soil can be “fixed” by c o c o n u t substrate or other materials, excessive salts of water may cause some extensive difficulties. Acceptable amount of salts in water is in average up to 1000 ppm and for fixing salty water it is necessary to install desalter. CO2 GENERATOR Researches show, that delivered correctly, CO2 can increase harvest up to 30%. For that cause EG uses CO2 generators. Generators QG 95 and QG125 may work at up to 2000 m 2 and 3000 m 2 , it works on gas pipe which is connected to them and distributes carbon dioxide through the greenhouse for stimulation of plants growth.