European Greenhouse catalouge(EN) - Page 23

PAD & FAN – COOLING SYSTEM WITH CELLULOSE PANELS Nowadays cooling system “Pad & Fan” is strongest cooling system for greenhouses, which is capable to reduce the temperature inside of greenhouse to 8-10 degrees Celsius. This system consists of exhaust fans, cellulose panels in front of them, water reservoirs and pumps. When greenhouse is needed to be cool, the system turns on automatically and supply water from reservoirs. From opposite side exhaust fans are turned on to exhaust coldness from panels. Mostly this system is installed in greenhouse, where grow perennial plants (roses and other decorative flowers) or vegetables w i t h summer growth. МАКС. 15 м ПЕРЕКРЫВАЮЩИЙ КРАН КРАН БАЙПАСС НАСОС ПОТОК ВОДЫ КРАН РЕЗЕРВУАР CEL C EL L LULOSE LUL LU L OS OSE SE S E PA A NEL N L NE