European Greenhouse catalouge(EN) - Page 12

AUTOMATIC ROOF WINDOWS The roof windows are automatic and made of galvanized steel sheets 50*30 mm (hot-dip galvanized, 550 g/m 2 ) with 1.5 or 2 m thickness. They are located in every span by 1 or 2 pieces, which is determined by climatic conditions. RACK CLAMP Rock Clamp WINDOW PROFILE Vent.Arm SELF—DREWING Bolt 4.8x19mm SCREW 4.8*19 SCREW 8*30 Bolt 8x30mm SCREW 8*50 Bolt 8x50mm BACK RACK CLAMP Rack Clamp Connection Spring Washer METAL WAWASHER PINION Rack Flat Washer FLAT WASHER Windows are opened and closed using control panel, electro-gearboxes and rack&pinion mechanism, which are provided from the leading manufacturers in the world. Projected windows allow providing better way of ventilation. Gothic—shaped roof allows to increase open area of the window from 70 cm to 85 cm and keeping opening angle roof windows to 25 degrees. GOTHIC—SHAPED ROOF