European Golf Design - Vision E-Magazine Issue 2 - Spring 2018 - Page 5

The Team

Since the last newsletter, we’ve had massive (for us) turnover of staff. Our ‘new guy’ (who had only been with us for ten years!), Alex Hay, decided to emigrate to western Canada – probably because we kept referring to him as The New Guy - to the hometown of his wife, Alaina, along with their two sons, Lockie and Teddy. From emails we’ve had from them, all appears to be going well as they settle in to their new lives, although Alex does seem unusually proud of his snowblower…the lengths people will go to to get more stuff!

In his place, we welcome Tom Kelly who joined us in January. Some of you may know Tom already as he’s spent the last six years as the surveying king with MJ Abbott’s. Tom has a fascination with all things golf and has already proven to be a great addition to the team.