European Golf Design - Vision E-Magazine Issue 2 - Spring 2018 - Page 30

Set alongside the Red Sea coastline, the existing desert site was a uniquely beautiful platform for golf. With the prevailing wind blowing off the Red Sea, the course has been routed in such a way that holes play in multiple directions, creating a layout is that is brimming with risk-and-reward choices, and opportunities for creative and varied shot making.

Inspired by the surrounding Saudi Arabian desert landscape, numerous wadi features, which meander through the golf site like a serpentine, play a significant strategic & functional role on numerous holes. These features help to alleviate storm drainage from both the golf course and adjacent residential neighbourhoods and each wadi terminates in one of the four spectacular salt water lakes, all of which have been created for strategic challenge, aesthetic enhancement and habitat creation. As well as enhancing the course’s visual appeal and challenge, these ‘drainage’ features, along with the spectacular views of the Red Sea, further characterise the course setting and compliment the perfectly manicured green, tee & fairway edges.

18th hole