European Golf Design - Vision E-Magazine Issue 2 - Spring 2018 - Page 14

if I am holding the camera, and I am up in the air, I have total control over the composition of the image – I am not relying on taking a ‘general’ idea of what I want and then cropping it to get to what I had hoped for. So it’s really a question of me being in complete control of the shot. The other thing is this: while they give a different perspective, drones can’t add drama to a shot, and that’s what makes a great image.

Have you got a wish-list of courses you’ve not yet shot?

Oh yes. I’d love to go to Augusta and back to the Monterey Peninsula to see what I could do with those courses.

But the problem with Augusta is that without the patrons and paraphernalia of the tournament, the course is actually visually maybe a little bland?

Exactly – so I’d love to see what I could make of that to create some interesting images. I also want to go to Hawaii and am trying to work that into my schedule for this year, along with some personal work to add to my library for the future.

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18th at Royal Golf Club, Bahrain