European Golf Design - Vision E-Magazine Issue 2 - Spring 2018 - Page 10

If a picture speaks a thousand words…

While we’d like to think that our newsletter has some interest, we’re not blind to the reality that just reading about the projects we’re involved with might become a little repetitive at times so, in order to introduce some variety, we’re going to be including interviews with industry experts, who are in complimentary fields to our own, in this and future editions.

We start the series with someone who, for many of you, will need no introduction as, chances are, he’s already the source of beautiful imagery of your course.

In our business, which is very much a visual one, having great images of the courses we’ve done is becoming ever more important. The prevalence of the digital camera means that photography is no longer the reserve of the wealthy, and is instant…who has time to wait for film to be developed? But, there’s a massive difference between having a camera and making great images.

If his reputation within the golf industry is huge, it is nothing compared to that within his hometown of Haywards Heath, in Sussex. Meeting with Kevin on a cold, quite dreary Monday lunchtime in a restaurant overlooking the High Street was like sitting with celebrity; Kevin must have given a friendly wave to at least half of the town’s population of 33,000 – it would be wrong to suggest he is the Lord of the Manor, but he doesn’t occupy the corner seat by the window for nothing.

12th Green at Royal Golf Club, Bahrain