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hurt competitors through abuse of its dominant position on the horse racing- market. Moreover, since Sweden hasn’t recovered from the hang-over of the vast privatizations of the 1990s the politicians might be reluctant to privatize Svenska Spel (K). In the mean time Svenska Spel is likely to use its acquired political leverage to further abuse its dominant position in a similar way as has been the case in France and Denmark. Last but not least, if the Swedish government fails to negotiate a tax exemption with the EU Commission for the vaguely defi ned non-profi t sector according to the EU-state aid rules the proposal is likely to fall. Th e reason is that the ruling Social Democratic Party is mainly funded by an entity of the sector. Hence, for the market actors that seek foreseeability, legality and predictable business conditions the Inquiry’s proposal presently seems rather fragile. Th e operators and service providers of the market should prepare for a bumpy road ahead. Dr. Wiklund has been legal counsel for major online gaming operators since 2003. His sector expertise ranges from commercial and regulatory to M & A. He’s giving strategic regulatory and commercial advice to global corporates in the sector. He’s the head of Hansen Law’s Malta offi ce. He has also acted as counsel in proceedings before the European Courts in Luxemburg and has represented clients in the European Commission and the Swedish Competition Authority. Entrepreneurs ignore the status quo, challenge the rules and change the game. We should know. Entrepreneurs: we understand what drives them and have tools to accelerate their plans. To know more, go to It’s business. But it’s personal. Business | Dispute Resolution | Real Estate | Mishcon Private CITY-AM-half-page-entrepreneurs.indd 1 13/03/2017 14:18:25