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euro news1112v3_news 10/12/2015 18:20 Page 1 ith CEO Jeremy Darroch describing it as “the biggest reimagining of Sky in its history”, the UK pay-TV operator has launched Sky Q, a family of products which it says are designed to reflect the way people consume content nowadays. It also confirmed that Sky Q would be UltraHD ready in advance of the launch of what Sky claimed would be the UK’s most comprehensive such service later in 2016, offering customers a range of sports, movies and entertainment content. As well as a SkyQ set-top box to sit alongside the existing Sky+ box, a wireless Sky Q Mini will allow on-demand streaming, with a Sky Q app allowing personalisation of viewing across devices, with a Sky Q hub offering wireless connectivity. Andrew Olson, Director of New Products, described the initiative as offering “Fluid Viewing”. Darroch said Sky Q was “a brilliant new way” for customers to consume content on their terms “It’s a system of products that work together to create a whole new way of watching TV.” In addition, he said that Sky Q broadened the choice that Sky could offer its customers as a new, premium option to complement its existing services. “It means we’re going to have a bigger and better range than ever before,” he claimed. He said that with Sky Q sitting W Sky launches ‘Fluid Viewing’ Sky Q alongside Sky+ and NOW TV, it made for three “outstanding and complementary” platforms. He said that each was designed to meet the needs of different groups of customers, suggesting that Sky Q was an “all-new” option, offering the very best Sky experience. According to Darroch, this extension of choice was good news for the business. “We know from our experience that broadening out and innovating throughout our product range helps us to keep our customers happy and helps us to keep them loyal. For those who don’t yet have Sky, it is going to create a brilliant new reason to join in.” Darroch said that his job was to obtain the best content form around the world and to use that content to make it easy for customers to access that content on their terms. He said that customers wanted it to be easy to navigate content and to find what they wanted to watch. “They want TV to be more flexible and more seamless across more screens, and most of all, they want it to be seamless and effortless.” “It’s a system of products that work together to create a whole new way of watching TV.” EC proposes crossborder content portability Delivering on its Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission has presented a proposal to allow Europeans to travel with their online content as it acts to modernise EU copyright rules in order, it says, to makes them fit for the digital age. At present, Europeans 6 EUROMEDIA travelling within the EU may be cut off from online services providing films, sports broadcasts, music, e-books or games that they have paid for in their home country. The proposed Regulation on the cross-border portability of online content services addresses these restrictions in order to allow EU residents to travel with the digital content they have purchased or subscribed to at home. Crossborder portability, a new EU “In short, our ambition was to reimagine TV for the way people live their lives today, and result is SkyQ,” concluded Darroch, advising that it would be available to customers in the UK and Ireland from early 2016. Exact details of timing and pricing would be divulged nearer the time. Stephen van Rooyen, managing director, sales and marketing, said that Sky’s embracing of changes in customers’ viewing habits had enabled it to grow in new and different ways. “We’ve created the opportunity to reach new customers with the creation of a service like NOWTV and we’ve also made our existing products and services so much better, creating better loyalty for our existing customers.” He suggested that in terms of market segmentation, there was an opportunity for Sky to ‘superserve’ its customers and to attract new prospects who consume more content and more media on more devices than ever before. “It’s really for that media-centric consumer that we see both in our base and across the marketplace. And while Sky Q is really targeted at a very specific customer type, we think it will have a huge impact on creating a halo for the brand.” right for consumers, is expected to be a reality in 2017, the same year as the end of roaming charges in the EU. Since it is a proposal for a Regulation, once adopted it will be directly applicable in all 28 EU Member States. In addition, the Commission has outlined its vision of a modern EU copyright framework. This ‘political preview’ will be translated into legislative proposals and policy initiatives within six months, taking into account all inputs from several public consultations. Overall, the Commission wants to make sure that Europeans can access a wide legal offer of content, while ensuring that authors and other rights holders are better protected and fairly remunerated. The key sectors of education, culture, research and innovation will also benefit from a more modern and European framework.