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netgem0912_netgem 10/12/2015 18:12 Page 1 At IBC 2015, Netgem’s focus was very much on its #TelcoTV proposition. Sylvain Thevenot, Managing Director of Netgem TV PVX, explains that while all the elements of #TelcoTV have been delivered by Netgem for the last twenty years, this is a new way to articulate the endto-end services and how they apply specifically to telcos. Netgem brings it all together for #TelcoTV TelcoTV is really about three things: Firstly, telcos, like other providers, need to serve multiple screens when they deliver “# TV inside or outside of the home – that multi-screen experience is at the heart of a telco TV proposition. We believe the multi-screen solution we can deliver and have just implemented for EE TV in the UK is best in class.” “The second thing needed is Content is part of the service In November, Netgem #TelcoTV announced it has secured a total of 29 additional content partnerships throughout 2015, bringing the total number of partners to more than 50. The agreements, signed for the UK and European markets, have enabled Netgem to provision an unparalleled level of free and pay-as-you-go entertainment content to the fast-growing customer base of Netgem’s Telco operator clients across movies, series, international channels, children’s, and thematic content – providing over 400 channels and thousands of On-Demand video assets. Netgem has signed partnerships with some of the best known content 26 EUROMEDIA providers, including MUBI, Netflix, Youtube, Wuaki.TV, and Sky’s NOW TV. By securing these partnerships Netgem says it has ensured that operators are able to deliver a compelling TV and entertainment service offering to their customers that gives them a distinct advantage over their competitors – including a number of traditional Pay-TV providers. One of Netgem’s most recent partnerships has been with online TV streaming for telcos to deliver more than just linear TV and simple VoD. Now they must embrace OTT and other content and present all of it in simple, consistent and coherent way across multiple devices. So we are providing through our cloud platform a very simple way to access a great variety of content in a very straightforward manner, with unified search and personalisation as well.” “The third priority is to meet the telco’s need for increased operational efficiency. That means driving innovation at a faster pace but also reducing their cost. We provide a range of tools to achieve this alongside our cloud-based ‘TV as a service’, that is a very cost solution Simplestream to provide the company’s TV Player Plus service that offers customers in the UK a wide range of TV and films across free and premium TV channels, including Eurosport, National Geographic and Cartoon Network. Netgem has also signed an agreement with global media solutions provider Globecast to provide My Polish TV and Telefrance in the UK which launched on EE TV on 26th November. “The Triple/Quad-Play telecoms market is an incredibly competitive space, with a range of service providers competing hard to maintain revenue streams and gain new customers” said Sylvain Thevenot. “By signing agreements with efficient way to provide a TV service. We also provide a very fast innovation road map based on that cloud TV platform.” “Unlike traditional pay-TV providers who have legacy networks and a renewal cycle, by embracing the new technologies of 4G and fibre to the home, telcos are in the Internet space and so they have to innovate, for example, at the rate of four releases in a year, which we are doing for most of our customers. That means more flexibility of service which we have delivered now for our customers in almost five million homes across twenty countries.” leading content providers on our #TelcoTV platform, we are enabling telcos to save both in terms of cost and time-to-market as they deploy engaging TV services to their customers. Operators can then focus on delivering the best customer experience, rather than having to deal with the challenges of securing and maintaining content services and building out content management infrastructure.” Netgem says a key to its success in securing these partnerships is the acclaimed #TelcoTV p