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insight1112v2_insight 10/12/2015 18:13 Page 2 “INSIGHT TV represents UHD without compromise.” is being watched, for how long, what is being paused, what’s replayed, what’s shared, etcetera. All of that data is analysed so that advertising can be targeted effectively and efficiently. And we are in discussion with advertisers and agencies about more creative ways to use Far left: Inside Moto. Above: Spartan X Right: Extreme Climbing Below right: Power &... that can be carried in the field when recording extreme sports.” Another key aspect of INSIGHT’s proposition is a high degree of viewer involvement. “We acquired a company that had developed software called Grab and Share. The viewer at home who sees a high octane moment, they can simply pick up their phone and record the past two minutes, change the duration, add their own “There have been many new challenges to overcome.” text and then share it over their social media platforms with their friends. A lot of material we have produced is high energy, and very engaging, but always with a social and human element to it. For instance in our series about Moto GP you won’t see just the race, but you will understand the life of the “High degree of viewer involvement.” rider; everything goes on away from the track. And it is incredible to look at some of these extreme sports and see what the participants are prepared to do apparently without fear of seriously injuring themselves. This makes for very compelling content and the kind of content people want to share.” “We have also made scientific programmes but we also try and make it entertaining so they’re accessible to all.” “When it comes to monetisation; I personally don’t like to watch content when it is constantly interrupted by advertising. This is why we developed the concept of the drop down menu so on screen is a drop down, that stays only for a second, that can carry the logo of a sponsor and a viewer can be directed to their website, or for on line shopping they can buy the product. So there is no interruption to the content.” “With the social media and the OTT platform we mine the user data to see what Standard-setting The new channel will feature original UHD content, co-created alongside production houses including Zodiak Media, KIEM and Strix. INSIGHT offers opportunities