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insight1112v2_insight 10/12/2015 18:13 Page 1 INSIGHT TV looks to a UHD future T ERN’s INSIGHT TV is a channel dedicating to bringing an all 4K UHD line up of extreme sports and factual entertainment shows to a wide audience. The rain storms that brought flash floods to Cannes at the beginning of this year’s MIPCOM TV programme market didn’t stop INSIGHT TV’s spectacular launch in a specially built pavilion on the Croissette – even though it was touch and go. Guests to the party, and visitors throughout the market, could follow a red carpet all the way from the Palais to the pavilion in front of the Grand Hotel. What they found at their destination was a new concept in TV; a channel devoted to an all 4K UHD output on SES featuring documentaries, extreme sports and all kinds of factual entertainment shows, many specially commissioned. INSIGHT TV is produced by TERN – TV Entertainment Reality Network based in 24 EUROMEDIA Hilversum in The Netherlands, and Advanced Television met up with Mariam Zamaray, the CEO, shortly after the launch. Zamaray (right) says: “TERN is the foundation from which we have built INSIGHT. We have produced over 200 hours of UHD content so far. We also have talent management and music publishing within the business so that we control all the rights for the music for our content. This is important as we have the OTT platform that supports making the channel so interactive and dynamic and we didn’t want to run into any rights problems as exploit all possible platforms, including supporting formats so mobile operators can make all our content available.” INSIGHT TV represents UHD without compromise, so maximum bitrates and frames per second. Zamaray says they support several workflows to bring this amount of UHD in different formats to the screen. “We started only 12 months ago and it would have not have been possible without the support of the production companies in the journey – there was a tremendous amount of new research involved, for instance to decide what cameras to use, and “We have produced over 200 hours of UHD content so far.” how many cameras we should use for these different formats.” “We have very good technical partners in United and their team. There have been many new challenges to overcome working exclusively with UHD; storage for example. United have built for us our own portable storage capability, the size of a backpack,