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coverstory1012_cover story 10/12/2015 18:22 Page 3 sense; monitoring capability can be installed and scaled almost instantly, and the look and feel of the virtualised probes is identical to the hardware probes elsewhere in the network. Rohde & Schwarz: To monitor cloudbased content delivery it is important to provide monitoring solutions that can be deployed in cloud-based environments and make it possible to detect the cloudspecific problems. Monitoring a service running over the cloud using a platform running in the cloud makes total sense. But what is definitely essential is that the monitoring system should also include comprehensive ‘post-cloud’ data from the viewer’s end, to monitor the service at the point of consumption, after it has passed through the CDN and whatever cloud-based infrastructure that includes. S3: Yes. We have been at the forefront of moving some aspects of T&M out of the provide additional elasticity and scalability for T&M suites enabling them to react to peaks in demand that often accompany major new product or feature introductions. However, there is a limit to what can be “Our viewers don’t live in the cloud, so monitoring cannot be constrained to it.” done in the cloud. Ultimately, what matters most is what consumers actually experience on their devices, so T&M systems must be flexible enough to work both in virtual environments and the real world where they can interface with customer devices to validate service rendering and quality. Tektronix: If content is in the cloud, from a workflow perspective it is better for the QC to be in the cloud. That is why we introduced our own cloud QC solution, specifically for ‘closed’ lab environment and into the cloud to provide greater accessibility to the cross functional teams that are becoming a more common way of organising for agile continuous delivery and DevOps. Additionally, moving elements to the cloud Accenture acquires S3 TV Technology Global consultancy firm Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire S3 TV Technology, a business unit of Dublinheadquartered S3 Group that delivers consultancy, automated testing, service monitoring and diagnostic solutions to video service providers globally. S3 TV Technology is comprised of all the TV technology resources and assets of S3 Group. Accenture will integrate S3 TV Technology’s StormTest automated testing platform and video consulting capabilities with Accenture Digital Video Services software and solutions, which is part of Accenture’s Communications, Media and Technology group. This new combination will help video service providers enhance the quality and performance of their services in an increasingly competitive 18 EUROMEDIA and evolving market. The addition of S3 TV Technology will expand Accenture’s global video consulting, systems integration and automated testing capabilities across all video industry segments including cable operators, broadcasters, communications service providers and new entrants in digital TV. S3 TV Technology also provides the StormTest platform that enables video service providers to continuously test and optimise all aspects of services to improve user experience throughout the service delivery lifecycle. Upon closing of the acquisition, Accenture Digital Video Services will strengthen and augment its capabilities to help video businesses create and evolve high quality products that can access linear content through broadband (IP) and broadcast networks and non-linear services such as catch-up TV and VoD through broadband networks. These services will be integrated with industrialised DevOps capabilities that foster an agile, continuous delivery approach to product development and enable video businesses to leverage cloud and device-based technologies in order to quickly launch, monitor, and iterate their products into the marketplace. “In th H