Euromedia November December - Page 16

coverstory1012_cover story 10/12/2015 18:22 Page 1 Test and Monitor Segment Survey 2015 Euromedia spoke to a range of players in the Test and Monitoring sector to find out how they are responding to the market dynamics and enabling their broadcaster and service provider clients to maintain market share and protect revenue in an age where the Cloud is playing a growing role and consumers are looking to access their content across a range of unmanaged devices. Euromedia: What are the main challenges in maintaining QoE as networks transition video distribution from DVB to IP? Do hybrid networks demand hybrid monitoring solutions? Bridge Technologies: Absolutely. A hybrid network is more than the sum of its parts. You can have specialised monitoring tools for the broadcast technology components, and other tools for the IP component. But the two won’t talk to each other and won’t give a coherent overview of the whole network, with the ability to chase technologies equally, and brings all the data and measure against qualitative performance together and presents it in a way that allows staff to deal with H