Euromedia July August - Page 23

coverstory_cover story 14/08/2015 09:25 Page 7 technology providers to ensure that content can be delivered securely both inside and outside the home. The industry transition to high quality 4k UHD entertainment and TV everywhere is naturally driving more robust security requirements and we will continue to work with our partners to provide the most secure solutions available during this important transition. Conax: While there are some huge advantages on using the cloud for scalability and elasticity, there is no doubt that there are some security challenges on using cloud technology. In the last couple of years we’ve seen examples in the industry of data breach of private data, and hackers getting into cloud systems. To ensure content security and content revenue, each step in the value chain has to be properly secured. This can only be solved by working closely with the content industry, technology partners and providers, and securing the content all the way from production to consumption, while ensuring that the usability for the end user also has the highest focus and priority. Entone: Protecting content from piracy and service theft are of utmost importance. Industry standard techniques are available for securely transmitting content among smart devices in the home. Freesat: The pay-TV industry has been successful in securing content in the most challenging of environments (one way satellite broadcast). Securing content in a connected world has different challenges but these can be overcome. The latest is content sharing, which can be combated through device-level water marking. However, piracy can only really be addressed if everyone in the industry works to the same security levels. If the content owners impose security requirements on one gro