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coverstory_cover story 14/08/2015 09:25 Page 6 what is required for high quality video, the responsibility for quality will reside with the content providers and what bitrates they encode their video at, though content providers may limit quality in order to minimise costs. Irdeto: With an established presence in consumers’ homes and the extension of their services to home networking and other related services in the age of the Internet of Things, operators naturally become the gatekeepers to the home. With this comes the responsibility to not only deliver the highest quality content possible but also to secure their customers from the new threats these devices bring to their homes. Operators have the responsibility to identify weaknesses and potential malicious behaviour and have the technical capability to isolate home security elements from other Internet components in order to secure and protect a person’s identity across devices both in and out of the home. As devices become ever more interconnected, it is vital that payTV operators are able safeguard their customers’ information and as a result, continue to be a trusted brand and add value for their end users. NAGRA: The pay-TV/Broadband operator is ultimately responsible for the QoS of the datapipe to the home if they take a subscription for it. This is an important question to address especially as broadcast and Internet merge and situations arise where services are not managed by the same provider. As CE manufacturers upgrade TV sets, other unmanaged OTT devices connect apps that are suddenly unsupported or changed and access to OTT services can disappear, or are different compared to the initial configuration at purchase. This complex issue isn’t in the hands of the transmission pipe provider and is something that the needs addressing to ensure consumer rights are protected. Netgem: The gateway is typically controlled by the telco as the Internet Service Provider, but we have also been working closely with a number of our telco customers to ensure Quality of Experience through both the technology choices (e.g., QoS in place with SFR in France on the Netgem platform) or optimised experience (e.g., local caching of ‘Replay’ content on STB hard-drive leveraging DTT on EE TV). Red Bee Media: The gateway can play a useful role in optimising QoS for video traffic on contended broadband connections, but the trends towards HTTP based ABR delivery of video places ultimate responsibility on the end device. When the device and the network operate in concert, the best outcomes for the viewer become possible. Roku: Can we still speak of one gateway to 22 EUROMEDIA the home? There are various companies in the value chain that influence the quality of your TV experience: mobile providers, broadband providers, cable/satellite operators, streaming services, streaming device manufacturers, TV manufacturers etc. Consumers have so many different ways to access the content they love. Stream it on demand, watch a live broadcast, DVR it for later. Everyone in the value chain exerts some control, and all have responsibility for ensuring a quality experience. Rovi: In the Pay-TV world, the controller of the gateway into the home has generally been the company that is providing the access to the video signal. However, this is changing and one could say the person who controls access is the company that provides the broadband pipe. In many cases this company will offer multiple services, often being the single provider of triple-, quad- or even quint-play serv