Euromedia July August - Page 18

coverstory_cover story 14/08/2015 09:24 Page 3 Smart TVs will all have a role to play in the future. No single device will cover every usage that exists today or developed in future. In fact, a major impact of the cloud is that it is opening up many more opportunities for hybrid forms of delivery. The future will be defined by hybrid technologies rather than single, one-size-fits-all solutions. Even just looking at cloud software you can see that solutions will need to be hybrid because they need to support so many different devices in the home. Euromedia: Is one network solution likely to emerge to carry all the rich media and value added services around the home? ABOX42: Yes. The Internet as the core network will provide the connectivity for all services in the home. So the central Smart STB will offer an important part for the Entertainment. AirTies: OTT seems to be a likely leader for the future, satellite will remain strong for very high resolution live entertainment. Content distribution throughout the home is mostly in IP already. Wi-Fi has become much more robust with Mesh and Client Steering. The huge impact of mobile devices on video consumption is forcing the switch to an all Wi-Fi solution over MoCA or PLC. Some IoT applications require a very low power network; in these cases we believe Bluetooth LE will become the ultimate winner. Albis: This depends on the available bandwidth for serving multiple devices. With more and [ܙH