Euromedia July August - Page 12

euro news_news 14/08/2015 09:23 Page 4 UK consumers give boost to legal downloading new survey from the UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) highlighted 62% of Internet users in the UK have downloaded or streamed music, TV shows, films, computer software, videogames or e-books. This is up from 56% in 2013. The survey showed that there was a 10% increase in UK consumers accessing content through legal services. One in five consumers still access some content illegally. The survey was published in parallel with research in Australia and shows that while British and Australian users consumed online media at similar rates, illegal downloading for UK consumers was half the rate of their Australian counterparts. Key findings from the UK survey show that: A Music l 15.6m UK Internet users accessed music online. 12m users streamed music and 10.5m users downloaded music. 16-24 year-olds were the most active in music downloads l YouTube, Amazon and Spotify were the top platforms used for downloading and streaming with 54% of all music streaming and downloads were accessed via YouTube l 26% of users hav