EUROBAK Annual Membership Directory 2017-2018 EUROBAK Catalogue_short_2017 - Page 36

Tax Committee Report Doniyorbek Zulunov Tax Committee Co-Chairperson Дониёрбек Зулунов Сопредседатель Комитета по вопросам налогообложения The issues of tax and customs legislation and administration are particularly important to the business community in light of the forthcoming reforms in this area. The main objective of the committee is to consolidate EUROBAK members’ recommendations and interaction with state bodies on issues of improving the current legislative and regulatory environment as well as discussing development. During the reporting period, the committee worked on a wide range of issues, such as changes in appeal procedure of tax audits, tax administration development trends and the new proposed Tax Code. The business community welcomes the aspiration of the Republic of Kazakhstan to bring the legislation and regulation in compliance with OECD standards. EUROBAK member companies proactively share the best international practices on various taxation and administration issues, aiming to support state bodies during the reform process, as well as appealing to the proposed changes, which, in the opinion of member companies, may not correspond to the best international practices. EUROBAK will continue its active interaction with state bodies on conceptual directions of the taxation reform. We believe that the taxation system will be effective only in combination with its effective administration. The tax and customs administration impacts the country’s investment attractiveness, since it is connected with the efficiency of business processes, as well as the transparency and predictability of the regulatory environment. In this regard, the committee will continue its work on development of recommendations for a number of issues important to the business community, such as exclusion of criminal liability for tax offences in the case of voluntary pay Ёх)ѥ쁥ɽٕЁхͱѥܴ)ɍЁɅѥ́ݥѠɕЁѼɅͅѥ́ݥѠ)ɅՑձЁѡɕɴɕЁхѥ)ɑѼЁѕɹѥɅѥ̀= )ȁչɥ̤()ٕ)5ص)չ)Q ѕѥ́ٽѕѼѽ+ ܁ ́ɽɔхՑ+ ܁QɅѥٕЁɕ+ ܁9܁ɽ͕Q )Mٕ+ ܁մݥѠձЁeɝ顥 ɵѡMхє)IٕՔ ѕѡ5䁽I,+ ܁IչхݥѠQȁMձذ5ѕȁ9ѥ)䁽I,)Mɽ+ ܁1ѕ́Ѽѡ5ɥ́ٽɕɕ͕хѥٔ)́х+ ܁Aɕ͕хѥѡͥѥȁхՕ́Ѽѡ)Aɥ5ѕȁI,)A)ÁȁѡȁɔՑɕɅѥ́Ѽ)ѡɅЁЁѡ܁Q ѼՉѕѼѡ)5䁽9ѥ䁽I,ɕՕЁѼЁ)ɽչхݥѠѡ ɵѡMхєIٕՔ) ѕѡ5䁽I,)]ݽձѼɕ́ȁɅѥՑѼѡ5䁽)9ѥ䁽I,ͽ䰁Ѽѡ5ѕȁQ)MձذѡMхєIٕՔ ѕѡ5)I,́ݕ́ͽѼձЁeɝ顥ѡ)ѡ ɵѡ ѕȁѡȁɕ́Ѽٔ)ՍѥٔՔݥѠUI= ,)̸)]ݽձͼѼѡѡ́UI= ,)ȁѥѡѕéѥѥٕ́ѡȁѥٔ)ٽٕи]ѠȁݔٔՍѕ͕ٕ)͍ͥѥ́ݡɔɔѡ٥)ѥѕ