eTwinzine issue 1 - Page 9

Erica: What do you think about Italian students?

Mrs. Flamm: Well,I've been teaching for thirty three years now, so I have had a lot of Italian students. I think very often they are better than they think they are. Sometimes they are a little bit noisy and that stress me out and very often they do not realize that they are doing it, but on the other hand I also believe that they are intellectually much livelier than they think they are and they should try and develop their skills a little bit more.

Silvia: What advice would you give to your students to improve foreign languages?

Mrs. Flamm: The first piece of advice I would give to my students is to read in all the languages they speak, especially in their own language because they tend not to read and very often I have students who tell me that I speak better Italian than they do and that is not a good thing. The only way you can acquire a new vocabulary is by reading as much as possible. The second thing they should do is a little bit of each language every day, only ten minutes just listening to something, reading something or watching something in all the languages they study.

Modena, 16/11/2018