eTwinzine issue 1 - Page 8


Hi everyone, we had the pleasure, thanks to the project “E-Twinning” with our teacher Mrs.Donnini, to get to know Mrs.Flamm, who is an esteemed teacher in our school Francesco Selmi, better.

Erica : Today we are here with Mrs.Flamm. Good morning, unfortunately, since we don’t have enough time, we can ask you only three questions.

Noemi : Could you introduce yourself talking about your cultural background, especially with foreign languages?

Mrs. Flamm : Okay, my cultural background: I was born in a, I would say, multicultural family because my mother is English and my father is German. I was also born in the United States and I then studied at an university in Edinburgh, in Scotland.So I think I was brought up in a very diverse cultural environment and this let me learning at least three languages quite well: English of course is my mother tongue, German and Italian. I have also studied French for three years when I was in secondary school and I can read Spanish too and I can speak it to save my life.