eTwinzine issue 1 - Page 17




We created a survey about TV shows, and 100 etwinners from France, Greece, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany and Spain answered the questions about their viewing habits

The favourite kind of TV show is TV series,the least watched is News. We spend about 2 hours a day watching TV.

We like watching foreign shows dubbed in our language and the least voted is watching foreign shows in the original language without subtitles.

Etwinners' favourite TV shows are American, and most people prefer comedies to political shoes.

On average, we have 2 or 3 TV sets in our houses.

Natalia K, Kinga N, Hauke S, Niklas S, Candela M, Marta S, Argoub S, Faska S, Georgios K, Nerea P and Claudia L

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