eTwinzine issue 1 - Page 10

MichaƂ D, Amelia M, Weronika S, Leonie W, Jasmin B, Fidan K, Kasia U, Zuzanna P, Asur G, Giulia F, Francesca M, Cristiano B

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What do teenagers do in our free time in the different countries? We designed a survey about free time in order to find out about our routines. We used the application SurveyMonkey to create 10 question about leisure activities, and students from France, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Greece and Italy completed the survey giving information about the sports they do, how much time they spend with their mobile phones, etc.

Most of the students have three or more hours of free time a day. When we have some time on weekdays, we prefer to spend it online on social media, our favourite is Instagram, and our preferred method for going online is the smartphone.

At the weekend, our favourite choices are hanging out with friends and binge watching Netflix. We'd rather do indoor activities than outdoor activities. 50% of etwinners meet their friends at home.

What about you?