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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My first encounter with eTwinning was with the help of a good colleague of mine from kindergarten in 2011. She had already been very active on this platform, and she encouraged me to join and find out the many interesting things that happen here. She was already back then the first kindergarten Comenius project coordinator in our town. Up to this date we are still the only two from our kindergarten to use this platform quite successfully I might add. I love the fact that there are always learning events or webinars, and teacher rooms, and groups were you can find a lot of new and interesting things to help you diversify your teaching. I would like to encourage more of my colleagues to try this great platform out, but many of them are reluctant because they do not master English or another foreign language that well, or they do not have ICT skills. I would like them to see that, even though it is from a long distance, we can still find friends, colleagues and people that can be there for us, teach us something new and bring a breath of fresh air to our teaching. I would also like to find more support from the management, because it is not always easy to bring something so new, which requires resources that one would not need in traditional teaching, and having someone willing to help and provide resources makes a big difference. I love eTwinning and I hope I can still personally evolve into something more using it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This school year has been quite busy for me in eTwinning. For the first time I joined some eTwinning projects and even managed to be the manager in two of them. It was a big step for me, and I am very excited. The children at the kindergarten and their parents are very proud to take part in them. An eTwinner as an Acrostic by Fernanda Cristina Goncalves Since I started working in eTwinning I have been doing different kind of partnerships and I have explored different subjects of projects like projects about maths, fairy tales, sciences, sports, children’s rights…. I was coordinator or administrator of some, and only partner of most of them. 99