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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BreizHessen in Europe by Heidi Giese Last summer my French friend Nadia, a teacher of German language, spent a couple of days with me and my family here in Germany. We naturally talked about school – even on holiday... and we quickly came to eTwinning, and a project idea was born that summer! At the beginning of the new school year we asked our pupils what they thought about our ideas, and they were very enthusiastic about what we had planned to do. They also worked on the details of the topics we had planned to deal with that year according to our curriculum, and we finally set up our project in the second week of school. We prepared them with the vocabulary necessary to fulfill the tasks to do, and the pupils went on their way to know each other, then presented their region, their school, their traditional feasts. We also had some problems with the Internet, as in the northwestern region of France last winter there was a terrible storm destroying most of the coast region and damaging connections in the central region where our partner school is located. So we could not skype for a while, they did not see our products. But no problem, we solved that by sending postcards for Christmas by “snail mail” – they took some days but finally arrived. We also exchanged little handmade gifts as paper stars for windows, self-made cookies etc. Europe has become little in distances. As we wanted to improve our pupils’ speaking skills, we prepared them for producing podcasts with, a really simple way of putting together photos with audio files. Another smart tool they used was, where my pupils presented their village, their town and region. was also used many times as Animoto is really easy to use and helps with smart outcomes, videos that look professionally made with music given by Animoto and with that we had no problems with copyright. A boy in my class of French made about 10 videos, one after another in a week or so and meanwhile improved his writing skills in a foreign language, as French is for him, by playing with the photos he took, rearranging them, looking for a good music sample to insert and creating wonderful short videos in French. Our region in the north of Hessen has a partnership with a region in France, the Bretagne. Several cities are involved, some for more than 40 years. My French teacher friend and I also know each other by working in associations of these French-German socalled “jumelages”. So eTwinning continues in a way with young people what our ancestors had started in the early sixties of the last century. Wonderful, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 97