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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Involvement and Enrichment by Olga Antonioli I started on the eTwinning ambassadorship path in 2010 without a clear idea of what they expected me to do. I was simply an enthusiastic eTwinner with some experience in eTwinning projects. I started keeping myself up-to-date because I considered it necessary if I wanted to give my colleagues advice and suggestions to solve their problems. I was shy and afraid when I first showed my first Spartan PowerPoint presentation in a regional seminar. I talked about eTwinnning and my projects with passion and with the worry of being unable to answer my colleagues’ questions. I took for granted they knew more than me as eTwinning projects had become part of my teaching, but soon I realized that most of them had never heard about eTwinning, or were fearful to start a project, or hardly used a computer. I had the impression that they considered my experience a bit far from theirs especially for the use of web 2.0 tools and I had the opposite effect. I took part in a certain number of Learning Events offered by the eTwinning portal itself. I did not care if I had to work at night because it was also my challenge. Among them I completed Level I and Level II of the Learning Course for Ambassadors, and that gave me a great satisfaction as only a few of us finished the second part. I took part in Professional Development Workshops as well where I had occasions to meet personally some of the European colleagues I had worked online with. Lots of motivating and enriching Italian seminars have also helped to build my training. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could make my experience simpler, more desirable, involving and challenging for my inexperienced colleagues. I had to find out the right key to open their mind and make them think they also were able to do good projects and so to become active eTwinners. In these years the number of teachers, schools and projects registered on the eTwinning portal has increased a lot in my region Molise, and that means there has been a great willing to innovation. 94