eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 - Page 93

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------cannot make things alone on a computer. I started working on these topics but everybody knows that together we achieve more and can help each other. - - - - To spread your ideas, use the forum, your desktop (add the presentation or picture or video on it). Sometimes, you can use social media such as Facebook. To promote your project, do not forget you have contacts and that they have contacts as well. For a successful collaborative work, be humble. You have great ideas but others can have other suggestions, be respectful of them. Think anyone can have connection problem from time to time or can be sick. Your project is worth seeing, participate to contests, apply for Quality Labels and/or prizes. I was involved in 16 projects over the last 2 years with very young children. So when I focus on the best way, as far as I am concerned, to make one’s project more visible and more successful, here are my tips: Elaborate and adapt your project, discussing with every person interested. To get people involved in your project, you need a strong plan you will present in different ways (video, prezi…) – check that you had noticed key words. - Being an ambassador can be a nice way to show your projects and disseminate. Well, find your best way to show us everything about your project using imagination and creativity and having fun with ICT tools! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 93