eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 - Page 92

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------then enjoy experimenting with the certainty that there are people ready to help just in case you need it. But if Daniela wanted me to write something, I will do it because she is a mentor and she knows what is best for the group. I discovered eTwinning at the very beginning back in 2005 but I thought it was too messy and I could not find my way through it. I went back in September 2012. The site had changed a lot, and it was easier to understand how it worked. I was recovering from a serious illness that had made me stopped working for a long time and things had to change in my life, had to lead me in other directions… So I would really like to invite more and more teachers to use the eTwinning portal. I started with a first project, a collaborative story, and became soon an eTwinning addict! In class, I always used to work with cross-curricular projects to motivate my pupils. But I had found a way to spread them in a larger way. The children could, in this way, see how useful it is to learn a foreign language and they could imagine other realities, other ways of life! 4 months later I became an eTwinning ambassador, and a few months later my NSS asked me to become an evaluator for Quality Labels. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I work in a preschool with pupils aged 3 to 6, with one computer linked to the Internet in the class, and a video projector in the school library for skype meetings. My pupils cannot read and thus cannot use a computer by themselves. Going from Hesitant to Enthusiastic by Murielle Ducroo When Daniela asked me to contribute to this newsletter, I wondered why. What could I tell you that would be of help? I joined the Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group because I thought I could learn from all of you new ways to make my eTwinning projects more visible… What I actually want with eTwinning is finding dynamic colleagues from various countries who wo V