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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------have seen. At the videoconferences we have talked about everything: from food to sports and animals.” (Iulia Suceveanu – 7A) “During one English class, we had to present our own restaurant. We were divided into groups, some brought their own food, others made posters, others the menu, some took pictures, and we uploaded everything to the TwinSpace. It helped us with our pronunciation.” (Crina – 5 C) eTwinning, So Precious by Brunella Lanciotti I have been an eTwinning member for about 5 years and now I am an ambassador. I have had many opportunities to develop my own view and so now I can definitely say that it is a precious tool for teachers. I have met many teachers from different European countries and we have also run together some successful projects. The students always enjoy being in touch with their peers and working together, they are more motivated and the same is true for teachers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can say that the blended method is the best so students can use the internet as a quick means of communication, but they also produce real objects or write letters to be sent through the traditional system, now called snail mail. It is always an exciting experience to receive material that can be seen and touched. I have to say that the opportunity to meet some of the teachers has been really interesting, but students can get so motivated sometimes that they become the real engine of the project. eTwinning is a starting point, always, you can meet people who share your own interests, you can learn a lot from many of them and so afterwards you can develop a wide range of activities. When I first joined eTwinning I knew very little about how it worked but I soon felt that it was something I would use a lot. It is important to spend some time learning what it has to offer and 91