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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------project and kit entitled “Carpe Nuntium: Catch the News”, where the critical elements of this approach are illustrated by the whole strategy of the project as the foreign language learning – listening, speaking, reading and writing skills – springs from a holistic programme. The main idea of the project is to present to the world only positive news so as to combat the situation existing in daily news bulletins with their constant list of violence, disasters and crises. I choose to pursue with any passion is directly related to my field.” Just as writers record notes and artists make sketches, immersed learners are constantly making connections to their subject. The networked model of integration views the curriculum of the project through a prism: The transdisciplinary level comprises the microscope view and the prism view. Fusion refers to joining closely together elements previously taught separately. The immersed model of integration views the curriculum in the project through a microscope: It creates multiple dimensions and directions of focus, and provides various avenues of exploration and explanation. In this model, the students direct the integration process. Only the students themselves, knowing the intricacies and dimensions of their field, can target the necessary resources, as they reach out within and across their area.The networked model is seen to a limited extent in eTwinning projects, but we do have some good examples. One of them is the project and kit entitled “Rainbow Village - Build your village”, a comprehensive project where students build a village and give it real life. I am confident we can enrich the framework presented here, and be of help to other eTwinners in their curricular integration endeavours! In an intensely personal way, it filters all content through the lens of interest and expertise. Students are totally immersed in a field of study. Graduate students are like this, or doctoral candidates, or post-doctoral fellows. Yet there are young eTwinning students who write incessantly about dogs, do specific artwor