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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------could. Along the way, both I and they learned lots of things, but most importantly we became aware of the fact that we can always become better than we are. That did not prevent us from being proud of the work we did throughout the entire school year. Our project is here: people_schools_and_pro/profile.cfm?f=2&l=en&n= 98993. that it would be a pity to let all these hurdles block my path and my students’ path to growth and personal and professional development. eTwinning is a chance to grow. I want to seize it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eTwinning in the Classroom – The True Story of the No-Way Student by Loredana Popa A Learning Event I took part in this spring, “Quality Label Criteria: how to achieve them”, came to strengthen the idea that permeates the lines from above. Working with people, with fellow teachers just like you from other countries and educational systems helps you become a better teacher and person yourself. It sets challenges and expectations, it can bring success, but also failure. Project-based learning triggers creativity, it boosts your motivation and you will to be better with every project you undertake. There are many obstacles in the way – heavy workload, duties at school and at home, mistrust, fear, doubt – but what I know is For me and School nr.17 Botosani, Romania, eTwinning has been a rather new experience, which started in 2010. At first, I wrestled with the same problems all eTwinners must have at some point: poor communication between partners, lack of interest from my students, protests from parents, few ideas of how to keep up with the teaching and work on a project at the same time. So, my first three projects were not too much of a success and they barely made any impact on my classes, but they were the stepping stones that paved the way for the more successful projects that were yet to come. In 2012 a brilliant idea popped up on my eTwinning desktop: a project called “Post-Box”, where students would celebrate the European Day of Languages by sending and receiving postcards 87