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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------engaged, I can organize group work and my students love it. They are responsible for the results of the group work and they learn how to be responsible for their own learning. But above all they play and learn by playing. I can say that now I am a mobile teacher, and I love it very much. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ around on how to use the TwinSpace area. At the time I was not dreaming of launching a project myself, I had only just had my account set up and I was waiting for something without really knowing what I was waiting for. Maybe for somebody to give me a nudge and me to dip my feet in the huge ocean that the eTwinning platform seemed to me. That push came when a fellow teacher invited me to be her partner in a project. I can still remember the excitement and thrill of the new journey I was about to embark upon. Finally there was somebody who was willing to work side by side with me, offer some support and guidance. However, unfortunately, we did not succeed to carry our endeavour through for various reasons. This failure did not discourage me, and I was determined more than ever to find somebody with whom to set sail, but also cross the finishing line. A Comenius training course gave me the opportunity to network with like-minded educators from other European countries and to find somebody also in search of a partner for an eTwinning project. That is how my first eTwinning project came to light. My first real project, in which I have closely collaborated with a wonderful colleague from Greece. For those of you who want to take a peek at the project, here is the link: =en&n=90964. In hindsight, there are so many things that could have been done better, however the value the project had for me was huge, and I have learned so many lessons that await to be translated into future projects. eTwinning – A Chance to Grow by Ana-Maria Ghioc I am a teacher of English at "Grigore Moisil" National College, in Bucharest, Romania. I have an experience of 6 years in ELT. My interests include project-based learning, eTwinning, the integration of Web 2.0 tools in education, proje