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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I created a small poster (with the message: keep calm eT win) using the eTwinning logo and that popular keep calm-o-matic online tool. You can see it here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let us see! eTwinning and Me by Barbara Klaassen I have shown very briefly some aspects of my work yet - not too long I hope – and now I thought about making my own list of keywords for eTwinning. Ta-daaa, my list, the eT keywords, those twenty terms: eTwinning, schools, Europe, EU, partners, projects, pupils, teachers, countries, study, team work, experience, community, people, exchange, collaboration, research, IT&C, next generation, future. Of course, in the article eTwinning is eT. Translated from French into Romanian it means “and”. Et (eT). Şi. And. I means: and I hope I can work with distinguished colleagues, eTwinners, eT teachers. 5 years ago, when starting with the work on our first Comenius project, I heard the first time about eTwinning. At that time I did not know how much this would change my work and life as at first I did not realize how big and powerful eTwinning is. In the beginning I saw eTwinning only as a place where some webspace and some workspace with some tools for a project would be provided. Although projects as the main goal of eTiwinning are very, very important for our pupils, I recognized the eTwinning community as an extremely valuable help in day-to-day school work as well. But let us start at the beginning. For many years I have been working as a freelancer in small primary schools in North Rhine Westphalia / Germany. As a certified Internet-Media-Coach, I enjoyed and still enjoy the opportunity to join and assist pupils, teachers and parents in an exciting journey through the uncharted territory of the Internet and use of 81