eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 - Page 79

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Participation in the project has enabled us to develop expressive skills, but also to hone soft skills: the ability to diagnose, to report, problem solving, decision making, communication, organization of work, time management, adaptation to different cultural environments, ability to work in groups, flexibility, vision. While using multiple languages and multiple techniques, each student has been able to express themselves according to their ability. Pupils have been involved in the construction process of their knowledge, have honed the expressivecommunicative skills due to interpersonal dynamics and the willingness to work cooperatively. Use of ICT Different aspects of the technology were important: use various ICT tools, learn basic rules of web writing and graphic design, images and video; use digital tools in the preparation of articles; use the ICT tools in a collaborative way to publish, edit functions, review and evaluate products; know how to use information technology and communication to study, do research, communicate. The use of ICT as a tool for teaching innovation required to respond to the complexity and heterogeneity of the current school, which is useful to motivate young people and to vary the forms of communication thanks to the peculiarities of this language. Collaboration The collaboration between colleagues was very important. The colleagues with whom I worked, even outside of my school, were teachers of literary subjects and philosophy to share practices and methods. The Belgian colleague has followed the work and contributed to the revision of the works of the students. Every week there was a meeting to verify the learning curve of the students and possibly teaching. I believe that we have created viable mechanisms to exchange knowledge and support. The online social network has been useful to implement the collaboration between colleagues even within the class council, in order to share and discuss teaching practices, provide and receive support, broaden cultural horizons and extend their skills. An interesting space reserved on the TwinSpace in cooperative projects was dedicated to the publication of a newspaper, the discussion on dictionary of ancient Greek and some entries and semantic fields concerning the theme of citizenship "Politique et Constitution," the scope of the etymology of some Italian and French words – birth, marriage, medicine, psychology – derived from the Greek and connected to the Latin translation of passages of the History of Herodotus and his reflections on the historical method. One difficulty is the possible presence of a school ally in supporting dynamic transversal and multicultural and having a curriculum appropriate also in terms of hours available. A curriculum with a few hours and lack of deep motivation in comparison may not allow the carrying out of a project of this level. It is helpful to recognize and value differences in each class group, by processes of individualization teaching, cooperative and metacognitive learning; promote and enhance communication within, and outside, the class group; offer insights over the school hours. Sustainability The project can be easily transferred to another class. It can be implemented, reduced with regard to the type of school and programming. This is possible due to the impact of selected topics in the curriculum and programming for the relevant connection with other disciplines. The transversal level of the topics covered makes it interdisciplinary. Many of the topics covered are carried out in curriculum planning. They were examined and discussed in the presence and followed up on the Twinspace, in which the discussion is not only open to Italian class but also to the Belgian. The Belgian colleague in a collaborative project may enter into the merits and intervene. The same pupils, thanks to the Twinspace, receive a continuous support by teachers. 79