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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning! What an Experience! by Eirini Tzovla In 2010, when I first decided to join eTwinning, I could not imagine what an exciting experience this could be for both my students and myself. Since then I have participated in it every single year and in the following text I will try to summarize some of the valuable experiences I gained during these 4 years with particular reference to two of the projects I took part in. My first project with eTwinning took place during the academic year 2011–2012. The title of the project was "Fairy Tales" with 15 partners from different countries participating in it and communicating on a regular basis through email and the TwinSpace platform. The project involved reading of fairy tales and legends followed by drawing of their most interesting scenes by the students and presentation of this work. Most specifically, each group chose the fairy that could work on during the month, at the end of which they had to upload the produced material onto the platform to make it available to the rest of the participants. In that way the participating groups got to exchange experiences and interact with each other. In addition, the students exchanged presentations on their countries, cities and schools in order to present “their home”, become familiar with new cultures and get to know each other. My group consisted of 22 students aged 8 – second grade of Elementary school. We, as a team, chose to work on the "Aesop's Fables", a subject purely Greek, easily understandable by the particular age group and very popular among young students. The students, divided into small groups, read a fable of Aesop, and then represented the myth in computers with the use of Revelation Natural Art educational software. Subsequently, we created a PowerPoint presentation that included the story in English as well as the students’ drawings. That presentation was uploaded onto the eTwinning platform to become available to our partners. The students seemed very motivated throughout the entire period the project took place. They expressed a great interest in all phases of the project and showed a great enthusiasm working as a team. The fact that the product of their work was going to be seen by their friends in Europe truly stimulated them while they were waiting eagerly to see the work of students from other countries. My latest project with eTwinning took place during the last academic year. My students, first grade of Elementary School this time, and I participated in the “Wear the Peace - Make a T-shirt” project in which 30 partners from different countries were involved. In the beginning the students, with the use of proper software, greeted the other partners by writing the word “Hi” in all languages of the participating countries. They also created the map of Europe by writing the word “Peace” in all languages of the European countries. The subjects of the particular project were “peace” and “diversity”. Therefore, all partners made paper T-shirts, decorated them and wrote their messages, their motto and/or a slogan about peace on them. Each project partner chose the design of his/her own T-shirt and wrote his/her message on it. To present their T-shirts, the participants took a photo of the T-shirt, made a short video for the working process and put these material on a glog on the Pen pals' Glogster account. All glogs of contributors were collected in one glogflow and twitted to UN, UNESCO and UNICEF on the 1st of June, World Children's Day, as a peace message to the world. Making a colourful T-shirt was a creative “learningby-doing” activity that students could make in their real classroom. Additionally, the project complemented a series of other activities related to respect for diversity. In this context the students, through a series of visits 75