eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 eTwinning Visibility Newsletter no. 4 - Page 74

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Talent has no age, it just needs to be discovered and exploited. Gifted children have a very good memory, play with art, love scene and attain outstanding results at an early age. They say that beauty is unusual, timeless and ageless. Art is art and that is it. And the artist taught in childhood that dreams and illusion can be turned into reality is just a messenger whose only merit is to accept to carry the work to the end. We believe therefore not unusual that such "spokespeople" to exist among children because the child does not deform but art plays clearer, cleaner, being carved by masters, life, goals and interests. It is expressed through images, and reveals unexpected beauty by simply moving the brush and playing with colors. The results are particularly valuable as they are proof of the worthwhile artistic talent of girls aged 8 or 9 who manage to dominate the scene and the public, without emotions, supported only by the love and support of their parents and school teacher. My students are very young and trips cost time and money but I think with sadness how many nice things I could accomplish if I were allowed to participate in events organised by well-known schools through these partnerships in eTwinning. For exemple, Tora and Andreea, two girls from 2nd grade at National College of Arts "Octav Bancila" already have remarkable results in various fields. Tora paints on canvas, with oil, and has already had five solo exhibitions at the Teachers’ House in Iaşi and at the Athenaeum in Tătăraşi; she also plays the violin, composes lyrics and does practical arts. I hope I will find a solution because I know that a modern teacher must always find the most appropriate solutions to make every child a person who satisfies the demands of the millennium alert, dominated by science and technology, due to which their knowledge today, tomorrow will not be useful. But adaptive capacities and merits of intellectual skills must enable them to confidently address any new situation. Their role and responsibilities assumed commit to a constant flow of theoretical and practical information to enhance the prestige of this profession and to do everything to help our students because that is our mission as teachers. Andreea has been awarded in two piano festivals, and she has graduated an Interpretative Mastery International Course, supported by Professor Andreas Henkel from Dresden, Germany. She composes verses and, as you all know, all the children express themselves very beautifully through art, colour and imagination. In addition, both girls have very good results in school and are passionate about theatre. Besides, on April 5th, 2013, the naturalness, the originality and the craftsmanship interpretative forces of these two girls were rewarded with the first trophy of an inter-county contest. Starting 2012 my entire theatre team made of 5 students and named “The Fireflies” has received 22 prizes. 74