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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------projects in the French language jointly sponsored by the International Federation of French teachers and by the French National Support Service Unit. Chance of Success for Gifted Children in Contemporary School by Dorina Marin In addition to the national and European Quality Labels, teacher Marino with his students along with their partners from the schools of Winchester (the United Kingdom), Choszczno (Poland), Trappes (France) and Porto (Portugal) have won the European eTwinning Label thanks to the project “Moi, toi, nous à lettres”. They have created an epistolary e-book. eTtwinning is a platform through which we are interacting with other schools and we have the opportunity to meet teachers who work hard and who have children talented and outstanding results. The eTwinning projects in which I participated this school year, “Let's sing and dance” and “Encuentro en Navidad”, both had an artistic side. I used children's activities to illustrate my students’ talents, and I delighted my soul with unusual manifestations of the students in the partner schools. All the kids are beautiful and talented. Sometimes I think they are more fortunate, as the society offers other opportunities to its children. In Romania such children participate in competitions, festivals or other artistic manifestations. The results are sometimes stunning, but what chance do these children have to continue their artistic career? Once again, the eTwinning experience played a fundamental role in the teaching-learning process. The students who have shared it have shown those skills which cannot be very often highlighted during the everyday school practice – instead, this experience has helped them to find one of the strength points in their learning process. Being able to combine the contents of the school subjects involved in a project by the means of ICT is the most important aspect of modern teaching, which looks for innovation more and more. A nation that wants to thrive need to invest in human beings and in its education to the extent necessary for an activity as complex as the transformation of people from a primarily biological being into an inexhaustible creative force. Because of our environment, heredity, history and other influences that are manifested in the form of behavioral dysfunctions, we have some fundamental flaws. Influenced by family or any earlier model, an individual can become a "perfectionist" - the fear of delegation, with a tendency to take even minor details and losing a lot of time with projects instead of building effective resources. Children raised in an environment where they used to be cringing can become a working adult and overly involved for fear of rejection. Therefore it is vital to teach students the importance of taking personal responsibility for what they do with their time. You can do a lot of really important things just when you remain quiet and concentrated. They must understand that we all need those moments, especially when involved in creative work. The environment in which children grow and develop should help them improve, cultivate their talents through extracurricular activities related to their passion. Time has shown that often a huge talent was wasted because it was not grown ever since childhood, when an attentive parent can help the child to do things that (s)he likes, encouraging innate skills. 73