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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------some advice, guidance or support. 10 Enjoy it as much as you can If you like what you are doing, all the work you have to do will be worth it. If you are motivated, you will be able to deal with everything. If your project is successful and you are happy with the results, you will start another. Communication with their foreign partners has got better thanks to the help of the new technologies. The students have been involved in innovative, formative activities which have let them understand how the school can and must implement what they have learnt in their classrooms with the practices resulting from the use of technological innovations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the educational and training system the development of digital skills is no longer science fiction, but little by little it has become indispensable for the new generation who is increasingly looking for cultural innovations not only for fun. The skills which have been developed in two of these projects have had the aim of making the students use information technology, handle computer systems, process the information, the applications and the technologies linked to web 2.0. What is more, the students have learnt how to make good use of the net particularly in reference to the respect of its rules and safety. At School with eTwinning: Between Teaching and Technological Innovation by Domenico Marino and Francesca Zampaglione The experience of eTwinning has become part of the school curriculum of the Lt. Col. John Familiari Secondary School of Melito di Porto Salvo in the province of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy. The school has been actively involved in this kind of experience for several years, it has allowed it to make profit both in the formative, educational field and in the national and international achievements. Working with eTwinning has allowed some teachers of the school to experience a new way of teaching their own school subjects; as for the students, it has helped them to be more motivated and learn how to use new ways to improve their understanding. The English teacher Mrs Zampaglione together with her students of the Classic Lyceum have accomplished the project “A Virtual Travel Agency” about an innovative theme concerning the Graecanic Area – it is a virtual travel agency to advertise the historical area of the extreme south of Italy. Her students have created a tourist tour in the province of Reggio Calabria from Scilla to Locri lasting for five days. They shared historical and artistic places, traditional food, traditions and local festivals with their Spanish and Czech partners. The project was implemented with an e-book about the Albertis’s tragedy, a true ancient story happened in the suburbs of Melito. The originality of this ebook is that the students wrote down the story with comics and drawings made by themselves. Once again, after only two years, the students of the Thecnical Commercial School of Melito di Porto Salvo have been on the top step of Europe by winning the special category reserved to the best 72