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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning is a household place where I feel at home and comfortable; it is my classroom. Aged 16, my students did not find a way to meet other German speaking – and writing – students. eTwinning made it simple: I searched for a teacher teaching German as a second language for the group I wanted. The teacher was easy to find as the profiles were clearly written. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once found, I sent a message to one of the teachers available. His enthusiasm was as big as mine and we decided to have them write emails about several themes. Once every week we gave our students the proposed theme and connected them to one of the other students. To connect our students both teachers exchanged a list with names and email addresses. How Email Correspondence Finds Its Way Easily by Henk Siegers My group of students learning German as a second language were willing to write to other students also learning German as a second language. Their motivation was great, but a contact seemed hard to find. Once the students started to write, there was hardly any need of the teachers. The students sent short and frequent emails to each other and talked about several items we had in mind. On both sides the students were pleased to write in German with other students who were struck by the same difficulties but were able to communicate and increase the quality of their communication. The writing session found an end by creating a video of ten minutes about their school and living. This video was uploaded to YouTube and in both countries the videos were showed. 68