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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning and My Didactical Activity by Aspazia Olar My journey with eTwinning is long, and I would like to continue this way. Actually I do not conceive to open the computer without accessing this platform. eTwinning is part of my family and gives me strength, courage and hope to continue other projects and activities. eTwinning kits: What is the use of sharing “good practices” if we do not implement them regularly? A successful project should be repeated over and over again. Students change classes every year, so they all will experience some good projects. Labels: Now this subject hurts. I believe that you will agree that besides the “mousetrap” (work), there has to be a certain “cheese” for teachers to participate in projects. Over 250.000 European teachers do eTwinning projects. What are the potentials of getting any reward of their efforts? OK, not everybody is worthy to travel to Brussels, but something more than just a sheet of printed paper should be provided. These are my thoughts. Thank you for “tuning in”. It began in late August 2010 when I attended “Introduction to eTwinning” and I successfully completed the course. The first project started in autumn when a colleague from the Czech Republic sent me a message for a possible collaboration. And from there everything starts: 15 eTwinning projects, National Quality Certification, eTwinning Quality Label, European eTwinning Webinar, resources, assistance, interaction, diversity, knowledge, possible multilateral partnerships. My students have completed successful projects. Also I gladly got involved in other activities on the portal, such as platform operation, management, being part of the generation called “first eTwinning Romanian mentors”. Great was the joy, and it drove me to do more. I have helped other colleagues all over the country to use the platform. We have specific eTwinning elements in our school, such as a clock with the twins watching our activity on the platform. We created our own twins; we made exhibitions displaying Christmas cards received on previous projects; photos of traditional food and drawings. I tried to be as close as I could to each student to learn. A five-year collaboration with eTwinning is approaching – I feel we evolved and learned a lot, and my European colleagues share my thoughts. I wish that this platform will always there. One of the 66