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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------need to show people around and remove their inhibitions. 2. Most new users are afraid of the “responsibilities” they will have or “requisites” that their registration will bring. It would be nice if a video with simple instructions could calm their stress. 3. Explanation of how the TwinSpace works rt/help /how_to_use_the_twinspace.htm has to be improved. Maybe adding several examples will make life easier. for students it is of the highest interest to have a real time streaming contact with their partners, especially at the beginning. Often one partner sends messages that the other does not even realize (s)he got. Not getting an answer (at the beginning) is an occasion to stop participating. So, a streaming online platform, where classes can be “live”, is necessary. I know that it needs a lot of technical background (huge amounts of data), but it is either we are going to “win” our students or “lose” them. Finding partners: If someone already knows the teacher (s)he would like to cooperate with, no problem! But if I want to search to find someone that might fit what I expect him or her to be, then there are some points I would like to know in advance: 1. A photo of that teacher is necessary. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” say the Chinese. Indeed, when I see somebody’s face, I feel more like in the true world and I can choose (or not) to address that person. 2. The first “welcome text” on a teachers’ profile should be “readable”. Many teachers write in their native language and cannot be understood by “foreigners”. I realize that in this way everyone has to learn and speak and write in English most likely, but in my opinion it is the only way to communicate commonly. 3. The school details should be clearly mentioned. Where does the respective teacher teach? What is the location of the school? I must be able to locate it exactly to know his/her living area. School website should have an English version too. There is no way to understand Turkish, Latvian or Portuguese for me. 4. I think you are aware of the way certain teachers try to “invade” eTwinning. They send dozens of requests for cooperation, regardless if they match with what the inquiry is all about. Usually it is the same message (copy-paste). Their flood-system ruins the feeling of seriousness eTwinning is trying to establish. There has to be a way to bring them on the right path! Monitoring the TwinSpace: 1. Teachers who are administrators should have the power to observe all participating members. I need to know what students write to each other. 2. I should be able to open a link in another card or window. Currently this is not possible. I have to go forwards and backwards on my browser. It is somehow frustrating. Projects: Maybe it is I who does not know how to use it, but 65