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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Value of Connection by Metaxia Kouskouna My eTwinning experience, in one word, is a wonderful one. During our eTwinning projects, my students and I have met teachers and students from four European countries so far: Poland, France, England and Cyprus. It has been the first time, for us, to discuss on computer using Skype with children from other countries. We saw their works, and they watched ours on videos or in our blog, but mainly in the TwinSpace. We exchanged ideas, greetings, ecards and knowledge about our solar system, or about our toys, and so many other subjects! Especially what every child likes. unique and wonderful. In my opinion, students have so many benefits of communication with other schools within eTwinning! The benefits come mainly from communication among children, because we know that knowledge and experience are transmitted much better between them, than from adults. So it is worth to try to have every year such collaboration. I could write pages about eTwinning, because I am enthusiastic of it. My pupils and I have met politeness, acceptance, joy, help from other teachers and pupils. We are thankful to them and to you, Daniela, because you gave to me the opportunity to express my feelings and my opinion about eTwinning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Thoughts about eTwinning by Kostas Loukas Here are some personal opinions that I would like to share in order to improve – from my point of view – the eTwinning experience. In my area it is difficult for my pupils and their families to go abroad in Europe, as tourists, because the parents work hard and many of them are immigrants. So, this children's experience was Registration: 1. The eTwinning portal and one’s registration with it are easy for newcomers. A little bit of help from “older” users would be appreciated, as there can be 64