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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The topic of the project “Feel the Forest” was the environment awareness and among the many tasks developed in collaboration with our Eco School Project and shared in the TwinSpace, we created an environmental, multilingual calendar for 2013-2014 with famous quotations and important dates and a website where we published the collaborative work to the school, parents, and community. This is the page for the month of September 2014: Building Bridges by Gulhanim Dursun I am a primary teacher in Ankara, Turkey. I love my job and I always try to do my best about teaching. After I met eTwinning, I felt that this portal brought much to my lessons. During some projects we worked at the same time with other classes, too. eTwinning gives us the opportunity to build brigdes to other schools, other countries and cultures. Also – very important – it encourages students to test themselves . During the projects I met many teachers from all over Europe and from Turkey as well. We shared educational methods, ICT tools, languages… Somehow we shared feelings and emotions, too. All this work would not have been possible without the hard, admirable work of the partners involved, and that is the real magic of eTwinning: simple, great ideas turn into beautiful, irresistible, amazing projects. A big thankyou to all my excellent partners! I am really happy to have met eTwinning and to be a part of this big family! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 63