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Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2014 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------presentations/films on local windmills or watermills, posting the final products on the eTwinning TwinSpace and on YouTube. students need comprehension of their own role in modelling the society. They need to be active and responsible members of their community and challenge the injustices around them such as exploitation or marginalization of particular people or groups of people. eTwinning projects are definitely a tool to enhance our students’ ability to understand our world and be prepared for real life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Magic of eTwinning in a Simple Click by Lina Maria Pereira Our story on eTwinning will continue. The final goal is to create a cooperative society and for this, our My adventure in eTwinning started in 2008. All these years have passed, and I still have the same passion as in the beginning. I have collaborated in many projects so far and I have been lucky enough to work with fantastic partners with brilliant ideas who share the same passion as me. It is not an easy task to choose among all the projects I have been involved but I cannot resist referring to some of them, due to the excellent collaboration and the 61